Hold hands anywhere

mustino is jewellery that lets you hold hands with your love - no matter how far you are apart.

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What is mustino

mustino is jewellery for couples that lets you hold hands with the person you love - anywhere. We will reveal our design and launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2015

How does it work?

Mustino comes in pairs. One for you and one for the one you love. Close it in your hand when you miss your better half.



When you close your mustino in your hand then the mustino of your loved one will light up instantly. Just like that...


Step 2

When you and your partner hold your mustinos at the same time then both start to move and you can feel that you are holding hands


Step 3

put me on the waiting list

Reserve your place on our super early bird waiting list. Being on this list reserves you the right to be the first to get your hands on one or two of the first 800 mustinos ever produced - even before we launch. With every mustino sold to someone on this list we will make a donation to WWF. This list closes soon.